Monday, December 13, 2010


Vital Wonders wishes everyone a warm & full-bellied holiday.
We have a coupon available for the Holidays here - just go and order from and recieve 15% off your order; just send an accompanied email with your order and mention "blogger15%" and a corrected invoice will follow the automatic sales-generated invoice with the lower price.
We have great magnetic bracelets and bangles, magnetic necklaces and chokers, special order anklets and more; in classic and trendy styles using high powered magnetic beads in all shapes, colors, finishes and mixing them with gems. All made in the USA!
We also have a great gift department with great gift ideas like sea sponges, natural soaps, soap-sponges, personal body brushes, cool over-the-knee socks, anklet & crews made from regenerated cotton - they are great!
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Please think of giving someone the chance to help control and alleviate the pain and suffering from so many chronic illnesses with simple & easy to use magnetic therapy. Your control, your power, your personal health boost.
Also looking for cool dichroic glass jewelry? Try us at for fabulous artist-made, in the USA, dichroic & art glass pendants, unique earrings, beaded necklaces, wire-wrapped pieces in sterling silver and gold-filled wire, pmc silver designs, much more! Celebrating not only the abstract but in meaningful themes too like the Sea, Horses, Cats, Flowers, Plants, Safari Animals, Birds, etc.
Have a safe Holiday from!
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