Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Heading into 2013 - Healthy & Happy

Fall 2012 

Here's a preview of what's coming to Vital Wonders Magnetic:

including hand-painted magnetic beads, beautiful magnetic pearls in fabulous colors and shapes, also real amber accents! 

 It's been a long hot dry summer and I am looking forward to all things going dormant giving me time for developing new projects. During the summer nights I designed many new magnetic bracelets, bangles, cuffs and magnetic necklaces to go with Vital Wonders new web online presence. I will be switching from the Miva Merchant shopping cart, which has turned into a weighty albatross and SEO unfriendly; and I will build new wonderful sites for both and - to come in early 2013.
 I have developed new magnetic cuffs & bangles seeing the popularity of this easy-wearing loss-preventive style. These bracelets are strung on memory wire so the coil is permanent. No chance of unwinding like the wrapped bracelets. Plus magnetic cuffs and bangles can't fall off or become attracted to some heavy metal and disappear from your wrist. If you ever have trouble losing magnetic bracelets try a memory wire magnetic cuff or bangle. You can order from 1 1/2 coils to 4 coils [or more in special orders]. Also this style of magnetic bracelet mostly alleviates the attraction of silverware, if that aspect bothers you. So easy, so good looking, can't be lost & never unwinds!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year from Vital Wonders

Happy New Year Everyone! A new year to start fresh and try, once again, some personal improvements. Otherwise what will you do with all those active wear/exercise clothes you bought? January is so full of hopefulness and guilt.
One easy improvement to try is to experiment with seeing if magnetism will help your health. Will it, with no effort from you, bring you pain relief? Maybe boost your energy? Maybe aid in healing, weight loss or depression? Every year I am glad I found out how magnetism improved my health and don't go a day without it, in one form or another. That's what I like, guilt-free no hassle personal improvements. Check out and see if you can resist our styles! That is also what I like, therapy that also looks great!
We have lots of new styles to start 2012 with.
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Happy Holidays to All! Hot Sellers this Holiday Season:

Stormy Blue Multi-strand Magnetic Cuff Bracelet, Magnetic Cloisonne Design Bracelets and our newest styles mixed with copper beads.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Many New Styles for Summer 2011

Vital Wonders
has great new magnetic styles for the Summer of 2011:
Fabulous new hand-painted beads, either cloisonne style or with sweet patterns and flowers;
new metallic colors; additional gemstones; new powerful fashionable magnetic bangles; beautiful multi-strand magnetic bracelets in pearl colors; whoever said magnetic jewelry was only foreign-made and in limited styles?

Visit Vital Wonders Magnetic for the latest styles in powerful healthful magnetic jewelry.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Check out my Jewelry at Western Colorado Journeys

I am so pleased to be online with Western Colorado Journeys with a fine array of artists, artisans and wineries! Pieces from my Molten Ice Dichroic Wire-wrapped Jewelry Line are displayed among many fine Western Slope artists. Looking for art, pottery, sculpture and fine jewelry; great wine, beer; or a fabulous destination - come see what we offer!

A beautiful glossy Western Colorado Journeys magazine will be available very soon at your Colorado Visitor Centers, Wineries and fine stores featuring the artists and wineries.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Vital Wonders wishes everyone a warm & full-bellied holiday.
We have a coupon available for the Holidays here - just go and order from and recieve 15% off your order; just send an accompanied email with your order and mention "blogger15%" and a corrected invoice will follow the automatic sales-generated invoice with the lower price.
We have great magnetic bracelets and bangles, magnetic necklaces and chokers, special order anklets and more; in classic and trendy styles using high powered magnetic beads in all shapes, colors, finishes and mixing them with gems. All made in the USA!
We also have a great gift department with great gift ideas like sea sponges, natural soaps, soap-sponges, personal body brushes, cool over-the-knee socks, anklet & crews made from regenerated cotton - they are great!
Come check us out!

Please think of giving someone the chance to help control and alleviate the pain and suffering from so many chronic illnesses with simple & easy to use magnetic therapy. Your control, your power, your personal health boost.
Also looking for cool dichroic glass jewelry? Try us at for fabulous artist-made, in the USA, dichroic & art glass pendants, unique earrings, beaded necklaces, wire-wrapped pieces in sterling silver and gold-filled wire, pmc silver designs, much more! Celebrating not only the abstract but in meaningful themes too like the Sea, Horses, Cats, Flowers, Plants, Safari Animals, Birds, etc.
Have a safe Holiday from!
Make someone happy & pain-free today from Vital Wonders Magnetic Jewelry!

Sunday, September 5, 2010