Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Heading into 2013 - Healthy & Happy

Fall 2012 

Here's a preview of what's coming to Vital Wonders Magnetic:

including hand-painted magnetic beads, beautiful magnetic pearls in fabulous colors and shapes, also real amber accents! 

 It's been a long hot dry summer and I am looking forward to all things going dormant giving me time for developing new projects. During the summer nights I designed many new magnetic bracelets, bangles, cuffs and magnetic necklaces to go with Vital Wonders new web online presence. I will be switching from the Miva Merchant shopping cart, which has turned into a weighty albatross and SEO unfriendly; and I will build new wonderful sites for both and - to come in early 2013.
 I have developed new magnetic cuffs & bangles seeing the popularity of this easy-wearing loss-preventive style. These bracelets are strung on memory wire so the coil is permanent. No chance of unwinding like the wrapped bracelets. Plus magnetic cuffs and bangles can't fall off or become attracted to some heavy metal and disappear from your wrist. If you ever have trouble losing magnetic bracelets try a memory wire magnetic cuff or bangle. You can order from 1 1/2 coils to 4 coils [or more in special orders]. Also this style of magnetic bracelet mostly alleviates the attraction of silverware, if that aspect bothers you. So easy, so good looking, can't be lost & never unwinds!


  1. Magnetic beads are not only used as a fashionable bracelet but it has health benefits also. Many research states that magnetic bracelet controls blood pressure.
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  2. I would really like to get some therapeutic magnetic jewelry like this for my wife someday. I think she would really be into it. You can't beat a combination of health and beauty like this.